The Ébéniste Wood Rings Story

Ébéniste is the French word for cabinetmaker, and while not a word usually associated with rings, there's nothing particularly usual about Ébéniste Wood Rings or how this venture came to be. To tell the story of Ébéniste Wood Rings is to tell the story of Gill Benzion, its founder.

Gill Benzion crafting a wood wedding ring in his studio.

A word from Gill:

My rings are my passion, one which I'd like to share with the world, but it took some time before they became my focus.

I got my first electric guitar when I was 18 and immediately started thinking about how I could modify it to make it better. Little did I know this would lead to a career in woodworking with a focus on wooden wedding rings. After studying electrical engineering, business, and personal training, and working jobs that ranged from line cook to debt collector, my love of music eventually led to a music degree. During my studies that first guitar was never far from my mind, and the desire to build musical instruments led me to a trade certification in cabinetmaking, which is where I fell in love with woodworking and design. After further studies in furniture design, I one day crafted a wooden ring for my girlfriend, and the joy it brought her was something I knew I wanted to share with the world.
A wood ring in progress by Ebeniste Wood Rings

My workshop started out as a work bench made of 2x4s and a small bench-top drill press in my tiny apartment. My neighbours weren't exactly thrilled... Eventually I took the plunge and invested in a fully equipped 800-square-foot industrial space that I shared with a fellow furniture maker. The first ring I made inspired my first models, which I started posting on Etsy way back in 2008. As my rings evolved and gained popularity, I noticed I was spending far more time making rings than making furniture, and it was there that I saw an opportunity: rather than expand and automate for the sake of increasing production, I decided to downsize and simplify in order to focus on quality. Each one of my rings is hand crafted in my small Vancouver studio, and the joy I get from making them is the same joy I hope they bring to my customers.

I would like to thank everyone who allowed me to play a role, however small, in their union and in their happiness. I am forever grateful!