The Ébéniste Wood Rings Story

I started making wood rings in cabinetmaking school, 2008, in Montreal. My first ring was a little passion project for my girlfriend. She liked the ring, so I made a few more, and eventually started selling rings on Etsy under the username Ebeniste. Ébéniste is the French word for cabinetmaker, and while I thought I'd be offering all manner of handmade wooden wonders, rings were always my favourites. Fourteen years and thousands of rings later, they still are. My name is Gill, welcome to Ébéniste Wood Rings.

Gill Benzion crafting a wood wedding ring in his studio.

My wood ring practice took a few roundabouts before becoming my livelihood. It started with my love of music. I bought my first electric guitar when I was 18 and immediately started tearing it apart and experimenting with its insides. My love of music led me to a Bachelor's Degree, but my love of playing Dr. Frankenstein with that guitar led me to a trade certification in cabinetmaking. I soon fell in love with woodworking and design, and decided to make it my career.

The first Ebeniste wood ring.

My first workshop was the second bedroom of my tiny apartment. My first workbench was screwed together with 2x4s and MDF, and I've made each of my subsequent workbenches the same way. Since then I've co-run a furniture studio in Montreal with this talented human, made rings while vanlifing, and brought my ring practice with me to Vancouver 4 short but eventful years ago. The pandemic has taken its toll on my livelihood, as it has for many, but as I adapt and try new things I still bring the same passion I've brought to every ring since the first one I made 14 years ago. Here's to many more.

A wood ring in progress by Ebeniste Wood Rings