Stories and Testimonials

Wood Wedding Ring on HandWe love this ring!! You can tell care, patience, and love went into the making of this; which is exactly what every relationship needs! I actually proposed to my boyfriend! This was our 'ring' picture together with our 5 year old daughter! 😍 Quality work!
-Sent by Jannie - 08/18/2017


Wood Wedding Ring on HandMy husband and I have been married by common law for 5 years now. We finally have arranged for our official wedding date next April. I will be wearing his mother's ring and wanted to find something special for him as well.

Gill has been incredibly communicative through the whole process and this ring is perfect. We ordered a 9.75 ring size and this is definitely what we received. Won't slide off unnoticed, but doesn't get stuck like a 9.5 did.

The ebony is gorgeous and the lunar meteorite dust has a pattern that is unique to his (as each one does). He always sings the song "Everything's Alright" to me when I'm feeling sad, and the lyrics make the lunar dust the perfect statement of our sentiments for each other. 

I couldn't be more pleased and he said, "I couldn't think of anything more perfect!"

Thank you, Gill!

-Sent by Amanda - 6/10/2017 


Wood Wedding Ring on HandGill was incredibly helpful and a pleasure to work with. He pushed through on a time sensitive order and got it to us earlier than predicted. The wedding ring that we ordered is of great quality and beautiful color and handiwork. I'd highly recommend an order with Gill.
-Sent By Shay - 2/5/2017

Wood Wedding Rings on HandsGorgeous! I ordered two custom wedding rings and the seller messaged me to keep me appraised of the progress (very helpful to a nervous bride). My husband and I love the rings. Wonderful quality and packaging.
-Sent by Kassandra - 4/16/2016

Wood Wedding Ring on HandThe service I received was second to none. Gill has taken great care making an amazing ring which I'll be very proud to wear as my wedding band. Everything was done quickly and efficiently and seemed to arrive long before I expected! It's been a pleasure to deal with him and I couldn't recommend him enough. Thanks!
-Sent by Adam - 2/11/2014