Why wood?

Be it personal preference, ecological impact, metal allergies, or the desire to be different, wood makes a wonderful and sustainable choice for rings. Strong but light, my rings will last a lifetime with proper care.

What is a bentwood ring?

A bentwood ring is made by steaming and bending a thin slice of wood around itself as opposed to drilling through a solid piece. The final product is a strong and stunning ring that will last a lifetime and leaves little to no waste behind in the process. Ebeniste wood rings are all made in the bentwood fashion.

How long will an Ebeniste wood ring last?

My rings are made to last a lifetime, and with proper care and maintenance will last several lifetimes. Please have a look at the care and maintenance page for some easy tips on how to keep your ring looking great for years to come.

Are Ebeniste wood rings waterproof?

Short answer: My rings are water resistant.

Long answer: My rings are finished in cyanoacrylate, commonly known as super glue, which essentially encloses the ring in a coat of acrylic and protects it from water. While my rings are definitely water resistant, experience has taught me that no wood finish is 100% waterproof. After all, even boats need to be regularly refinished. For this reason I recommend taking the rings off before swimming, showering, even hand washing, to be on the safe side.

How do I care for a wood ring?

Keeping your wood ring clean and dry is the best possible way to care for it. The finish does not need to be waxed or oiled as these products will not be absorbed by the wood, but rather will rub off on your hands. Avoiding chemicals such as household cleaners, hand sanitizers, etc. is essential in keeping the ring in great shape for decades to come. Please have a look at my care and maintenance page for some easy tips on how to keep your ring looking great for years to come.

What happens if I notice some wear on the ring?

I stand by our work. Any ring that shows signs of wear or damage within a year of purchase can be sent back for repair or replacement for nothing more than the cost of shipping. After the first year, a full refinish is offered for $75 plus shipping. Please contact me if you feel your ring is in need of some love and I'll get back to you ASAP!

How do I find my size?

While there are lots of tips and tricks online for determining your ring size, the only safe bet is going to a reputable jeweller to get sized with a wide band ring sizer. If you're planning a visit to my studio, I'll be happy to size you on the spot.

What if the ring is a surprise and I don't know what size I'll need?

I have a small inventory of pre-made rings that can be purchased as a surprise and later exchanged for another size or model. Please have a look at my In a Rush Ring Service for more details.

Can I exchange a ring if I order the wrong size?

Ready made rings can be exchanged for the cost of shipping plus the price difference of the new ring, if there is any.

Made to order rings are a bit trickier. I want you to be happy with your purchase, and sometimes mistakes happen. If the wrong size is ordered, that ring can be exchanged for a 50% discount towards a new ring.

Custom designs cannot be returned or exchanged.

If the ring is a quarter size too big or too small, a resize is often possible for a small fee. Please contact me for details

How wide will my ring be?

My rings range in width from 5mm - 8mm depending on style and size. Special requests can usually be accommodated, feel free to ask!

How long will it take for my ring to arrive?

A ring will take me approximately 2 to 3 weeks to complete. Canada Post/USPS takes over from there, and can usually deliver in 4-8 business days within the USA and Canada.

What if I need a ring sooner?

I have a small inventory of pre-made rings that are ready to ship and can be sent out express. Please have a look at my In a Rush Ring Service for more details.