Keeping You Safe During Covid-19

It goes without saying, these are trying times for everyone. While the ongoing pandemic won't affect ring crafting and order processing times, post offices around the world are experiencing unprecedented delays. With that in mind, we advise putting in your order just a bit ahead of time to ensure you have your ring in hand (and on your finger) when you need it to be.

When it comes to keeping our local customers safe, however, the situation is a bit trickier. While we always love greeting customers and letting them try on samples, our studio is a little too small to ensure physical distancing. With that in mind, we've decided to put together a mobile kit with samples and sizing tools in order to greet customers outside, all in an effort to ensure we're keeping you safe. Appointments can be arranged ahead of time to meet at Nelson Park in Vancouver's beautiful West End, where we'll be happy to greet you with a smile, even if that smile is hidden behind a mask. Please contact us to arrange your appointment.