About Ébéniste Wood Rings

Not all wood rings are created equal.

The landscape is often times confusing: Many different styles of wood rings, multiple woods, and different price points. It may be tempting to think that all wood rings are similar, but in this case it certainly pays to be informed.

A stack of wood wedding rings by Ebeniste Wood Rings.

Most wood rings fall into three categories:

Solid wood rings are made by drilling straight through a solid piece of wood. Given the structure of wood grain the finished product is a particularly weak ring that will break in a matter of days, and the process is extremely wasteful, as most of the wood ends up as dust or chips. Solid wood rings tend to be cheap, both in terms of price and quality.

Laminated rings and made by gluing several layers of wood together, much like plywood, and drilling through. The resulting ring is stronger than a solid wood ring, although still somewhat fragile, and every bit as wasteful. Laminated rings tend to be more expensive than solid wood rings as well.

A laminated wood ring by Ebeniste Wood Rings.

Bentwood rings are made by steaming and bending a single piece of wood around itself, producing not only a strong and beautiful ring that will last a lifetime but leaving little to no waste behind in the process. Bentwood rings are time consuming and labour intensive, a fact that is reflected in their price tag.

A pair of wood wedding rings by Ebeniste Wood Rings.

Ébéniste Wood Rings

When I started making rings I experimented with all three styles before exclusively working in the bentwood fashion. It's part of my commitment to quality, durability, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

I believe in being honest and upfront in my process and pricing, and I firmly believe you get what you pay for. It's my sincere hope that in choosing an Ébéniste Wood Ring my values speak to you, and that your ring will bring you a lifetime of enjoyment.