Autumn Break

Autumn Break

As I write this post the thermometer I placed outside has reached 33℃. This likely means it's at least 40℃ in the studio, which is why I'm nowhere near it right now. Yep, it's hot, and as a result I've had to work shorter days and have only been able to accommodate studio visits before noon. The shorter work days have contributed to delays in finishing ring orders, but the bulk of the delays have been due to a series of unfortunate events, which included getting hit by a car, catching covid, and unforeseen side effects from reducing medications.

That said, there's some good news to report! I've been able to make some significant progress on my passion project, Heavy Metal Rings. For those who haven't read about it, here's a quick intro to the project. I'm hoping to launch the project via Indiegogo this fall, please visit the Heavy Metal Rings website, and check out the Instagram for updates.

I've also co-adopted a disabled dog named Lucy, and she's quickly become the love of my life! Lucy has to wear diapers, and she sometimes gets a little too tired to finish our walks, but she's a bundle of love. And yes, of course I'll share some cute pics.

My beautiful little dog Lucy

My beautiful and tired little dog Lucy.

With summer halfway done and orders almost caught up, it's time to focus on what's ahead; launching Heavy Metal Rings, preparing for the upcoming Culture Crawl, and once again searching for a new studio space. This means it's time for a little break...

Effective August 31st, 2022, made to order rings will be temporarily unavailable for order. Any orders received before that date will be my top priority, and ready made rings will still be available for purchase. I will also be unavailable for studio visits, but will always answer emails. I plan to take on new orders again soon, though I have no set date at the moment. Please follow me on Instagram or Facebook for the latest updates. Hope everyone's staying cool in the summer heat!

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